Dolce & Gabanna plexiglass court shoes

Dolce & Gabanna plexiglass court shoes Dolce & Gabanna plexiglass court shoes

Dolce & Gabanna plexiglass court shoes, £925

Well, I think we might have located Cinerella’s missing glass slipper – and its mate, for that matter!

I’ve actually been trying to limit the number of pairs of Dolce & Gabanna shoes I’m featuring here right now: I really think they’re one of the most interesting of the high-end designers right now, though, and while their shoes won’t be to everyone’s taste (then again, I don’t think there are many shoes out there that WILL please absolutely everyone…), I could easily feature a new pair of Dolce & Gabannas every day, without running out of options for a long time. The plexiglass pumps above are just one of many styles to catch my eye lately: the ‘Cinderella’ association is what made these jump out at me (I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the idea of ‘glass’ slippers, even although the reality would be pretty uncomfortable), and although I’m not sure quite how good they’d look on, they’re definitely amazing just to look at.

And now here are a few more pairs of shoes by this brand…

lace floral appliqué shoes

These are WAY too busy for my taste, but they’re certainly interesting, I have to give ’em that.

Dolce & Gabanna sandals

Dolce & Gabanna sandals

Um, OK, I said they were creative and interesting, not that I’d actually WEAR them…

sandals with socks

Nope, it’s no use: I can’t think of anything positive to say about these ones at all. I’m not totally opposed to the idea of socks and sandals, but I AM very much opposed to the idea of socks that are ATTACHED to sandals, so I’m not going to pretend I’d even think about paying £925 for these. In fact, I’m going to have to scroll back up to the top of the page now, just to get the image out of my mind: later, folks!

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