Miss Selfridge ‘Sorry’ nude Western pumps

Miss Selfridge 'Sorry' nude Western pumps

Miss Selfridge ‘Sorry’ nude Western pumps, £65

These shoes are Sorry. They’re CALLED ‘Sorry’ I mean: they don’t FEEL sorry. Because, well, they’re shoes. They don’t have feelings. I know: it amazes me too, sometimes.

SHOULD they feel sorry about something? Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to say “no”. I’ve spoken at length about my antipathy to the Western trend that’s been infiltrating the shoe and fashion world recently, buy this is one of the more subtle takes on a Western-influenced style, and hence one of my favourites. The nude/grey upper also helps soften the overall look, while the gold studs and trim gives it all a bit of “oomph”: but not TOO much. Overall, I think this is a nice variation on the ubiquitous nude pump. They’re a little bit different, and give a nod to a current trend, but they manage not to scream “fashion victim” while they’re doing it, so you’ll still be able to wear them next season without looking like you’re a few months too late to the bandwagon.

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