Dune ‘Goodies’ pink bow slingback shoes

This? Is adorable. The colour is perfect, and that little offset bow is truly calling my name. Shh! Can you hear it? “Shoooeeeeppppeeerrrwoooommmaaaannnn!” it’s saying. “Buuuuy me!” And, you know, I would. I mean, who am I to ignore the siren-song of a shoe?

But then there’s this:

I just can’t get on with this type or ornate stiletto heel. They remind me of candlesticks, which is actually a bit weird, because I don’t own any candlesticks to be reminded of. The comparison is still there, at the front of my mind, though, and that’s why I won’t be spending £175 on these, as much as I love the front of them.

Well, that and the fact that I don’t actually HAVE £175 to spend on shoes, obviously.

If you do, click here to buy these ones from Dune.


  • What? Why did these shoes need to be ruined by the weird heel, Dune? What’s up with that? But Shoeperwoman, I am with you – the offset bow makes my heart go all a-flutter 🙂

  • There’s nothing worse that falling in love with a gorgeous pair of shoes only to turn them around and find that the heel looks like the handle of ornate cutlery or a South American Fertility God statue!

  • What a pity about the heels ç_ç
    In the front they are stunning but watching the back side I could say that they’re made in a too much cheaper way for 175£. And with an horrible heel shape too :C

  • Awwwww! I got SO excited then – I’ve been looking for the perfect red/pink peep toe shoe for AGES, and I thought you’d just shown me the way… Only to find out they’re hideous.. The search continues.

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