Unboxing: Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 in nude patent

Christian Louboutin shoe box

I’ve wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin’s iconic Pigalle pumps for as long as I’ve been a Louboutin fan, and earlier this year I decided it was long past time I bought myself a pair. I picked out the shoes (the nude patent 120mm version, which I figured would be the most versatile), I saved up the cash… but could I find a pair in my size? Don’t be silly: of COURSE not!

As it turned out, these shoes were sold out everywhere, so I eventually had to join a waiting list for them. I’ve been on the waiting list at Louboutin’s London Motcomb Street branch since June of this year, and last Friday I finally got the call I was waiting for: the shoes had arrived!

Well, the order was placed, the shoes were dispatched, and less than 24 hours later, they were at my front door: if there’s a better way to start a random Tuesday in October, I don’t know what it is!

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t document the unboxing of The Precious:

Christian Louboutin box

Christian Louboutin packaging

Christian Louboutin dust bag

Christian Louboutin heel tips

Don’t you just love the little miniature dust bag containing the spare heel tips? None of my other pairs have come with one of these – such a cute touch!

Of course, this is all well and good, but you just want to see the shoes, don’t you? Well, there are way, WAY too many photos of them under the jump…

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120

(Colour difference here is due to different lighting: the true colour is closest to the photos with the black background!)

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120

As you can probably tell from the photo-overload, I was REALLY excited to get these, and couldn’t be happier with them: they were definitely worth the wait! I’m also surprised by how (comparatively) easy they are to walk in: I don’t think a 120mm heel will ever be what you’d call “comfortable” exactly, but I was expecting these to be similar to my Dune ‘Olsen’ pumps, which were touted as a high-street version of the Pigalle when they were released, and which put the foot at such a steep ankle that they can be a bit tricky to walk in, even for a high heel veteran like myself. Much to my delight, however, I find the Louboutins much easier to wear: yes, they’re still high, they’re never going to win any awards for comfort, and I have a sneaky suspicion that the narrow toe-box might start to pinch after a few hours’ use, but they’re definitely wearable, so I don’t forsee too many problems. This is a very good thing, because I picked the neutral colour with the intention of wearing these with absolutely everything, from my most-casual boyfriend jeans to my fanciest of dresses!

Finally, I can’t end this post without saying a huge thank you to ShoeperMan, ShoeperMum amd SheoperDad, who joined forces to buy me these as a very early Christmas present. Yes, I know, I’m spoiled, and very, very lucky: thank you so much, guys!

shadow shoe


  • Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous!! So happy for you that all that waiting finally paid off! I’m sure you’ll get lots of joy out of them.

  • Congrats! I had the same obsessive fascination with the black patent Pigalle 120s. I’ll admit that the first few times I wore them I thought they might be a mistake. But my equally obsessive research paid off…I’d read that the toe box stretches a LOT in the Pigalle, so they will eventually not pinch (mine don’t anymore). I also read they run small, which is not true. With stretching, they are true-to-size. I’m curious to read your thoughts on these after you break them in.

    The nude patent really is my next dream pair! Though I’m considering the 100s so I can wear them more often. Yours are stunning. Enjoy them. Can’t wait to see them on you!

  • Hello and congratulations they are perfect!! I have the nude very prive and they are my pride and joy! I wonder have you found the need to put the protective vibram sole on any of your Louboutins? I wore my very prive 3 times in dry weather a little time outside on the street but mainly indoors on carpet/wood but in that short time the hard red bottom wore away completely to reveal soft white leather which was like soggy cardboard! I was so disappointed to have to put the vibram sole on but it definately saved my shoes and it hasn’t ruined the look whilst they are being worn. So on the whole I’m happy but I wonder are all Louboutin like this or did mine wear more? I’d be interested to know how your other Loub soles are wearing… And sorry to ramble on but while I’m here I must recommend that should the unthinkable occur and you scratch the leather (I had an unfortunate incident with my heel sticking between floorboards in an NYC bar – ripped Louboutin heel – arrggghhhh) I must, must, must recommend KG shoe repair in London they use Louboutin fabrics and repaired mine by post God Love them and All Who Sail in Them! There you are, hope you are luckier than me lol! Xxx

    • I haven’t put protective soles on any of mine yet, although I’m thinking of getting some…The red does start to wear off the sole quite quickly I find: it doesn’t really bother me, but I might get some rubber soles to try to prolong the life of the shoes!

      I don’t live near London, unfortunately, but thanks for the recommendation, I’ll bear it in mind if I’m ever there!

      • Hello again *waves* I don’t live near London either I’m in Somerset but KG repair by post and look after your babies like…well…babies! They were awesome I thought my shoes were ruined but they restored them perfectly! Xxx

  • Such great pictures, and such elaborate packaging! Happy for you to be getting what you have waited and waited for, enjoy! I can’t wait for the shoe post of their first outing. 🙂

  • So excited for you Amber! They are just amazing! Mine are on a shelf in my bedroom so I can admire them every single day!
    When I bought mine I spoke to the lovely Louboutin salesgirl and she told me to wear them a few times before getting the protective soles attached as they stick better when the sole is scuffed up a bit…I haven’t done it yet but will once I’ve worn them a few more times. Enjoy!

    • That would definitely make sense… I haven’t bothered with protective soles for my other pairs, but for some reason when I got these I thought it might be a good idea!

  • I admire your restraint while unwrapping them. I wouldn’t have been able to slow down long enough to take photos. 😉 Terrific shoes by the way!

  • There is NOTHING like the joy of unboxing a new pair of MLs. Especially those which you have lusted after for such a long time. Spectacular.

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