Shoe Save 19/102: Topshop ‘Glam’ pumps in mustard suede

Topshop 'Glam' pumps

SHOES: Topshop ‘Glam’ pumps in mustard suede
SAVED: Thursday, April 12th, 2012

As regular readers will know, I carry around a mental list of shoes I think of as “the ones that got away” – in other words, the shoes I didn’t buy when I had the chance, and am doomed to spend the rest of my life searching eBay for. Such are the trials of a Shoeperhero.

Actually, the list isn’t even a mental one: it exists in the form of a series of eBay alerts which spring into action and notify me every time one of The Ones That Got Away is listed. A couple of weeks ago, my trusty “Topshop Glam” alert told me that these mustard pumps had just been listed in my size – and so the waiting began.

I already have these shoes in dark green (in fact, they were one of the first pairs I saved in this year’s shoe challenge, and they’re one of my current favourites: as I mentioned when I last wrote about them, these are more or less the perfect pumps, as far as I’m concerned, with just the right height of heel and shape of toe to be really easy to wear, and to either dress up or down as required. Somewhat unusually for me, though, although I love the green ones, and wear them often, it was the mustard version I really wanted, so when these popped up on eBay, I waited out the seven days of the auction, placed my bid, and now here they are!

mustard shoes

I managed to get this for a good bit less than the retail price, and as they were brand new, in the original box, and still with the Topshop stickers on the sole, I think I got a good deal, especially considering how often I know I’ll wear them. Speaking of which, I actually did wear these on the very day they arrived, which just so happened to be my mum’s birthday: I didn’t get an outfit photo because Terry and I had spent most of the day/week dealing with the fallout from our car accident the week before, and honestly, the stress had definitely taken its toll on my appearance and sartorial choices: fashion was really the last thing on my mind! Still, I’m sure I’ll be wearing these again soon before too long, so there will be plenty more opportunities for photos. Now I just need the red version….

yellow heels

(I’m joking about the red version.)

(I’m totally not.)


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