Shoe Review: Zara mint green t-bar platform sandals

Zara mint green platform sandals

Remember the mint green Zara sandals I was so worried would sell out before I had a chance to buy them?

They sold out online in my size (and quite a few others) the day after I wrote about them.

So I guess it was a good job I didn’t hang around, and ordered them right after I hit “publish” on that post, huh?

What can I say: I’m weak. And in the process of writing about those shoes, I basically talked myself into buying them. That’s, er, not what this blog is supposed to be for, but so be it. In this case I DID try to resist, mostly because I already have a pair of mint coloured shoes, but the fact that the first pair only cost £12 (Almost free!) allowed me to overlook them. I’ll stop now. No, really: I WILL STOP NOW WITH THE MINT SHOES.

Zara mint platform sandals

These are a very bright mint shade – much brighter than they looked to me on the Zara website, and a colour which, I’m finding, is really hard to photograph. None of these really do it justice, although I’ve done by best to get them as true to life as possible. The uppers, as you can see, are patent, while the heels and platform are faux suede:

Zara mint green heels

One of my shoes had some slight wrinkling of the fabric on the platform, which is the only defect I can see on these:

Zara mint platform sandals

(This photo makes the platform look aqua, for some reason: it is a little darker than the upper, but is very much a mint than an aqua. It also makes the wrinkling on the sole look worse than it does in real life: I had to bump up the contrast so you would be able to see what I was talking about.)

On a more expensive shoe, I might have asked for an exchange, but as these were only £39.99, and no one will really see this when I’m actually wearing them, I’m willing to live with it. (And, of course, they’re sold out in my size, so I probably wouldn’t be able to exchange them anyway.)

I ordered these in my usual size 37, and when I took them out of the box, I instantly thought they looked larger than I would have expected: I was a little worried that they were going to be too big, but then, when I put them on, I found the fit fairly true to size. Although they feel snug when they’re on, though, the sole does seem to be a little longer than many other shoes I own: there’s a little bit of a gap at the heel, which is odd, because the shoe feels like it fits perfectly, and I’ve been walking around the house in them all day with no slippage or anything like that. The little gap does annoy me, though, and I would be interested to try these in the size down: my instinct is that it would be too small, and would probably hurt around the toe, but I’m just not sure. All I can really say, then, is that the sizing on these is a bit odd, and it’s probably worth trying them on in-store if you can.

Zara mint sandals

(Edit: I managed to solve the issue with the heel by adding a pair of those little sandal insoles which go in the front of the shoe, under the ball of the foot. They don’t look very pretty when the shoes are on the shelves because the ones I had are black, but they have made the shoes fit perfectly, so I’m happy.)

Overall, I’m really pleased with these for the price, and also have my eye on the pale pink version, which would be great for summer (and maybe a little more versatile for those of you who aren’t currently obsessed with all things mint coloured!).

As I said at the start of this post, these are selling out quickly, and are currently only available online in UK sizes 7 and 8. I didn’t see them in-store when I visited a couple of weeks ago (or I’d have bought them, obviously!), but Zara’s stock changes constantly, so you may just get lucky if you fancy a pair!

UPDATE: The Zara website actually re-stocked these in all sizes a few hours after I wrote this, so you can now buy them here.


  • Pardon me as I tell you a story about me & these shoes.

    Dear @Shoeperwoman, ever since you did a blog post on these shoes (one, two.. three) three days ago, my life has been focused on the achievement of one: being a proud owner of these shoes… fast. Within seconds of seeing these on your blog I looked them up in & saw that they had them in my size(s) (I’m generally a size five, but seem to be a size four with Zara shoes). So I decided I’d rush into town & see whether they had them in store, or any of the other colours, so I could at least try them on & see what fit. They only had them in the pale pink (which are ALMOST as fabulous as these, they were at least fabulous enough to make me want them too), which I tried on in a four and five, & as expected, the four fit better.

    I rushed back home to order them online only to find that’s they’d sold out in all but sizes seven & eight in the hour & a half I was gone!!! I almost cried. Ever since then I’d been checking the online store AT LEAST three times a day to check whether they got new stock it, but with no success. So today I decided to go back to the store in town & show them that I MEANT BUSINESS. I bombarded the manager with a million questions, “Do you have these in store?” “Do you know when you will have them?” “When is your next stock delivery?” “If you do get them can you put aside a pair in size 4 for me?” “Any way you can check if other stores have them in stock?” “Would it be possible for them to deliver here?” The poor manager then spent around 10 minutes looking through 3 databases to see if she could find them for me, but NOTHING! So she gave me one of those little leaflets with the numbers of Zara stores nation-wide, wrote down the shoes’ reference number on it & said I could call different stores & check with them in a few days. I though, “Right, that’s exactly what I’ll do tomorrow.”

    When I came back home I checked AGAIN if the online store had restocked them, but was AGAIN disappointed. I decided to take a break from this obsession & go back to having a life for a bit…… until about 20 minutes ago. The online store had re-stocked them!! The shriek I gave scared the living day lights out of my flatmate. Anyway, so obviously I bought them, but I shan’t be in piece until they’re in my hands.

    I know want the ones in pink, black & purple, too. Perhaps I should boycott your website? God knows it would save me a hell of a lot of money.

    • Oh wow, what a saga! And one that I recognise all too well, unfortunately: I’ve been through this SO many times with Zara now (have had to have my local store put things aside for me twice this year already). Their website really is terrible with stock: things seem to go out of stock really, really quickly, but they do often re-stock after a couple of weeks, I find. I’ve also done the “refreshing the website multiple times a day” thing – they normally don’t get my size back in stock until I’ve spent days tracking down the item I want in one of the stores and then driving to collect it. That day, it will normally miraculously be available again!

      So glad you got them, though: they really are lovely shoes!

  • They are soooo beautiful! And from the moment you showed them to us, I am searching for then in my local Zara! I went 2 times already but no luck! They only have the light pink version, but as you said yourself I’m obsessed with mint this season, so I want these! You’re so lucky to have found them! I’m jealous! 🙂 Hope to find them too, soon!

  • I’m a Cape Townian girl from South Africa (see how far reaching your blog is) and when I happened to come across these beauties, it was love at first site (pun intended). To add insult to injury, Zara has only recently opened in our country but in Jo’burg and Durban with the Cape Town store only opening later this year! So I did what any compulsive shopper would do and had a friend buy it for me in London.
    I see now that your blog is going to be very dangerous for my bank account! Keep up the great work! xx

  • Oh my goodness! Those are exactly the shade I’m looking for for my wedding- I love mint shoes… can I ask, how high is the heel on them? I can’t seem to find it listed on the site. Thanks!

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  • Hi, I probably have a silly question, but I’ll go ahead and ask anyway.. 🙂 I wanted these shoes ever since I saw them online, but they never got to Croatia in mint. We only got beige ones. I can see in these pictures you got them in my size so my question is – would you be by any chance interested in selling them? Or do you know anyone that has them in size 4 (EU 37) or website where I could still find them?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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