Sarenza Brand Ambassador Pick: Buffalo Dita Flower courts in hot pink

hot pink shoes

It’s Sarenza Brand Ambassador time again, and this month I decided to use my voucher to buy these platform pumps by Buffalo – a brand which is slowly threatening to take over my shoe shelves this year, despite my never having owned a single pair of their creations up until the end of the Shoe Challenge.

These shoes actually looked purple on my monitor, but are a hot pink in real life, with perhaps some purplish undertones: either way it’s not a shade that’s very well represented in my collection at the moment, so these are a welcome jolt of colour! If you look at them on the Sarenza website, you’ll see one other difference, which is that they come with a detachable flower embellishment:

Buffalo Dita flower

I ordered these knowing I’d be instantly removing the flower, which is a little big for my tastes. I have kept them, though, in case I change my mind, although if I do decide to wear them, I’ll probably find another way to clip them onto the front of the shoe, without showing the wide black elastic. At the moment, though, I think the simple court which lies underneath is pretty enough on its own: these have a very high heel (5.5″), but are easy to walk in, thanks to the platform sole. I ordered my usual size 4, which fit perfectly, and continues my run of good luck with Buffalo sizing.

My only slight concern with these is for the heel, which is super-shiny, and a little delicate: because I’m clumsy, I managed to scratch one very slightly when I was taking them out of the box – it’s not noticeable, but I’ll have to take care when I’m wearing them, so I don’t pick up any damage!

These are available at Sarenza: click here if you want to buy yourself a pair!


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