Topshop ‘Sense’ cutout platform sandal in purple

I’ve had these shoes on the Shoeper radar for quite a while now: so long, in fact, that I was actually convinced that I’d already shown you them. I’ve had a look through the archives, though, and I don’t see them (In two short years I’ve managed to amass so many posts that even I sometimes forget what I’ve written about and what I haven’t), which means I’ll only be able to find them the second I hit “publish” on this post. Ah well, they’re pretty enough to be seen twice, anyway: I really like the cut-out uppers, and the purple colour is a particular favourite of mine.

These are also currently available in snake print, which I don’t like at all: go figure. If you like either or both of these, however, they’re £70, and you can click here to buy them from Topshop.


  • They are lovely! I must say that I’m getting worried about my ability to “see” (distinguish!) colors… you are right, after throwing a second look at the platform, I saw it’s purple! (I thought the upper part was blue!) They are very sweet!

  • I’m sure this very blog featured calf-high red boot-sandals in a similar swirly squiggle design only a few short days ago, as my fuzzy brain recalls. Someone even said they’d like them if only they were slingbacks instead of a calf boot with cutouts. So, these would be them! Shoeperwoman could do with a monthly “thumbnail” index page of all posts’ lead picture!

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