Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 14 Roundup

Oh dear… I’ve been a very bad Shoeperwoman indeed recently, and yet another week has managed to slip by without me saving a single pair of shoes. Basically I’m so busy getting things ready for our California trip (and fighting off all the people who are determined to copy this website!) that I’ve barely had the opportunity to leave the house, let alone wear pretty shoes and photograph them: gah! I will try my best to make up some ground next week, but if I don’t manage that, well, it looks like I’ll be taking a LOT of shoes on vacation with me!

Anyway, enough about me, and on to those of you who DID manage to save some shoes this week! It’s been another great week for the Challengettes, and it’s so lovely to see all your fabulous photos! And here they are!

(P.S. Thanks again to Shoeperman for taking over photo duty this week. Without him…)

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  • Amazing work, thanks! I liked my pictures together! I read what’s going on, it’s a shame – I hope you get all sorted out soon, I’m sure you will! And then you can have really relaxing holidays!

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