Shoeper Shoe Challenge #65: T-Day

What: Silver thrift store sandals
When: December 15th, 2010
Where: On holiday in Tenerife, celebrating the 5th anniversary of Shoeperman’s transplant
With: White dress, Zara

For Shoe Challenge 66, I’m going back to December 15th of last year. This was actually a bit of a special day, because it was the 5th anniversary of Shoeperman’s kidney transplant, and we wanted to celebrate in style, so I wore this white dress from Zara, along with a pair of silver sandals which I picked up in a thrift store in Edinburgh about seven years ago:

I actually bought these shoes on a day when I was on my way to hospital, to sit with Shoeperman while he had dialysis, so they have a tiny connection to that story too. Back then we were so poor I used to do almost all my shopping in charity stores, and I remember these were only about £2, but still felt like a bit of an extravagance, because I had no idea when I’d ever wear them. It was nice to be able to put them on last month under much happier circumstances.

Unfortunately, however, I only got to wear them for a couple of hours: the restaurant we’d planned to eat in turned out to be closed, and although we trailed all over town looking for another, our second and third choices were also closed (low season!), so we ended up eating in a cheap little Chinese right next door to our hotel. Ah well, the food was still good!

It was a very, very casual kind of place, though, so I must admit, I popped back to the room first and threw on a pair of jeans: probably a good thing, really – there’s no way that white dress would’ve survived the meal without me dropping something on it!

I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to wear it – and the shoes – again some day, though. Maybe the 6th anniversary?

I love the collar detail of this dress almost as much as I love the blue sky in the background. I’m getting serious pangs of nostalgia looking at these photos!


  • You look gorgeous, and the shoes, very beautiful! Not only because of the outfit (and hair!), but because of what it means. Keep the shoes, wear them again next year, they are very important! Thank you for sharing this story, I loved it! And congratulations for the 5th anniversary of Shoeperman’s kidney transplant! Many more will come!

  • Congrats, first off! Second, I completely agree with Denise.

    I have something similar that I wear every day: A simple woven bracelet that my friend gave me before he moved (he lives about 3 hours away by car now), and I completely understand the sentimental aspect of those shoes.

    Thank you for a story that made me smile. And, of course, the AMAZING photos!

  • I haven’t been able to check shoeperwoman out for a while, I’m glad I finally got the chance 🙂 I love the shoe challenge posts!
    Are you going to do the challenge again ??
    I absolutely LOVE your white dress, and the shoe story is so cute 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Happy T day anniversary.

    What amazing shoes, I don’t think I’d find such fabulous shoes in the Charity Shops around here! Oh well, I can dream.

    Amazing dress too.

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