Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 65: Lady in Red (Peep Toes)

What: Red Zara peep toes
When: December 2010
Where: On holiday in Tenerife
With: Black and white polka dot dress (eBay); striped tube dress (Topshop)

Well, I may not have bought those red Zara ankle boots I was drooling over back in December, but I did buy another pair of red shoes from Zara while I was on holiday: these bright red platform peep toes:

(When I say I bought them, I actually mean that Terry bought them for me. Yes, I am a lucky girl…)

Luckily, these shoes worked with almost every item of clothing I’d taken with me, so I managed to wear them quite a few times while I was gone, although I only photographed a couple of outfits: the black and white polka dot dress shown above, and this stripey dress from Topshop:

Spots, stripes AND red shoes: damn, but it was a good holiday!


  • hello there look gorgeous , those shoes are wonderful , yesterday I got my red shoes ( the same as yours )which I ordered online and guess what – size 5 feel’s like ery small 4 ..I am heartbroken ..honestly ..anyway , if you know anyone who have size 6 and want to sell ๐Ÿ™‚ I will buy them instantly ..

    ..found this page through desperate google search for red zara shoes ..

  • @Ellinele
    Surely? I’ve bought on line the size 4 couse usually wear the Italian 37, and now i’m afraid รง_รง

    • I had to go up a size in them… It was actually lucky for me because I usually wear size 4 (37), but they only had them in a 38, which fit perfectly. I could tell the 37 would’ve been much too small.

  • Saw your blog, and instantly adore ALL your red shoes! Been craving for a red one. And I just want to ask whether those Zara shoes are kinda bit hurt or not when you wear it in sucha long walk. no?

    Because I do have few pairs of Zara shoes, but they’re not meant to be for a long walk or party, do they?

    • Hi! I haven’t ever worn them on a long walk, I’m afraid: I would normally wear flats or some other kind of walking shoes if I was going to be walking for a long time – as you say yourself, high heels aren’t really designed for that ๐Ÿ™‚ They don’t hurt for just normal use, though.

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