Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 68: Barley2

WHAT: Topshop Barley2 boots
WHEN: January 2011
WHERE: Running errands in Edinburgh, lunch with family
WITH: Green dress, BB Dakota; black turtleneck, New Look

We’re almost up to date with the Shoe Challenge now: these photos were taken just last week, on the way home from an appointment in Edinburgh, and as you can see, I totally broke my “no new shoes in January” promise, to buy these Barley2 thigh-high boots in the Topshop sale.

In my defence, I’ve wanted these boots ever since they came out. And they were down to Β£35 in the sale, which was a pretty good saving on the original Β£110. Well, I couldn’t possibly leave them, could I?

(This is a much better photo of the colour – they’re not actually shiny, it’s just the flash bouncing off them in the first photo!)

When I initially found these, I thought I was out of luck, because all they had left was a selection of size 8s, and one pair of size 3s – as my regular readers know, I normally wear a size 4, and while I do have a few 3s in my collection, most of the time a size 3 will be just way too small for me. I decided to try them on anyway, though, and lo and behold, they fit!

I’ve worn them almost every day since I got them: I just much prefer thigh high, or over-the-knee boots to “regular” boots now -not only do they have a wonderful, leg-lengthening effect, I also really like the uninterupted line they create with skirts and dresses. And, of course, I LOVE finding them for a fraction of the original price!

No more shoe purchases before the end of the challenge now, though. I mean it this time!


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