Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 66: In the Nude

What: Nude patent peep toes (Primark via eBay)
When: December 2010
Where: On holiday in Tenerife
With: Various dresses, jeans and other things!

The shoes I wore most often on vacation were these nude peep toes, which were originally from Primark, but which I picked up on eBay (unworn, needless to say!).

I wore them with pretty much everything in my suitcase (although not all at the same time, obviously!), including the dress at the top of the page, which is from Zara, this one from Mango:

And this eBay number, which you may well remember from a previous Shoe Challenge:

Basically, if I’d only been allowed to take one pair of shoes with me, these would’ve been the ones! Here’s the now-familiar balcony shot:

And one more for luck:


  • I simply loved all, aaaall the dresses, and I was thinking which one to pick as my favorite – and then I thought “I can’t!” The first one with the bow, sweet, the second one also amazing, but alas, I said it once when you posted it, and then I say it again: the green one is my favorite! Matching with those beautiful shoes, oh wow, lovely!

  • I love your Zara dress!

    How do you manage to find all those beautiful clothes in Zara? I never find something I like 🙂

  • They are so stylish and look like really expensive shoes. I can see why you like them! I must say one of the things I love about your blog is that you favour shoes right across the spectrum from very expensive to very inexpensive. That’s why I was recommending your blog to a shoe mad colleague the other day.

    • Oh, thank you! I like to tell people that my shoe collection runs from Primark to Prada (which it does!) – I don’t discriminate, if I see something I like, I’ll buy it 🙂 These were dirt cheap, but I’ve already worn them so many times, so they’ve definitely been worth it!

  • I love how you did your hair!! Please tell us how you did it! thanks!! and the nude dress looks really awesome ^^

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