New Shoes! Miss Selfridge grey spotty ‘Polly’ platforms

I know, I know… But seriously: it was pretty obvious I was going to be getting more of these, wasn’t it?

I’d actually gone into the store with my heart set on finding a red pair, but they didn’t have any: not even a pair of size 9s that I could’ve wept over, thinking, “so near, but so far!” I was almost able to say exactly the same thing about these ones, too, though: they were the only pair of size 4s in the store, and naturally I found them only after picking up and examining every single other pair they had. When I finally unearthed these ones, I rushed them to the till… only for the sales girl to notice that I had one size four and one size 5. It’s a good job she did notice too, because, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t have been the first time I’d walked out of a store with two differently sized shoes.

Anyway, I’d love to be able to say I’ve had my fill of Miss Selfridge’s platform bow shoes now, but I think you all know me well enough by now to know I’ll probably continue to stalk the red ones indefinitely. Click here if you want to join me, or here if you fancy a pair of the grey ones.

P.S. No Ruby Shoesday today – I was in such a rush to get to my dental appointment on time I completely forgot about it!


  • They are simply goooorgeous! I am crossing my fingers for you to find the red ones, they are really beautiful! (If I find in number 4 in Birmingham or London in 2 weeks, I’ll tell you immediately! In case you still didn’t get by the time!)

  • The red ones are so Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! The gray are cute, and I love the black ones from yesterday!

  • I so get it, how could you possibly resist the red ones? Hope you find them, even if it IS just a TINY bit decadent owning the same shoes in three (!) different colours… :p

  • Well…I must say, I go crazy everytime i come here to check the news!!
    Every single one of them is absolutly perfect!!! Can’t pick one as favourite!!! Congrats, you have an impecable fashion taste when it comes to shoes and it’s new trends and style.

    Here in Brazil, the new trend when the matter is shoes,teep toes are all u hear about. You can see it everywhere!!!

    =) byee

  • I am stalking them too!! In black mostly but the red ones are very nice too!
    I found the floral ones but I am not sure I could were them easily 🙁
    So close!! But I am not done yet…:) Good luck with yours!

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