Shoe Save # 58/79: Car to Bar

Black stiletto shoes

Shoes: Dune Olsen pumps
Saved: Sunday, November 20th, 2011
With: Skirt and top, both River Island; bag, Gucci

Despite being a self-confessed shoe addict, I like to think I’m capable of being at least vaguely sensible about my purchases. (“Vaguely”, I said: I wouldn’t be Shoeperwoman if I could resist ’em all!) I don’t, for instance, buy lots of dress shoes, which I know I won’t have the opportunity to wear. I don’t buy shoes I’m not 100% in love with, just because they’re on sale. And no matter how beautiful a pair of shoes is, if I can’t actually walk in them, I leave them on the shelf, because shoes are meant to be worn, not simply admired.


There is one exception to that last point, and it’s these black ‘Olsen’ pumps by Dune. They. Are. Ankle. Breakers. Seriously: they’re not the highest shoes I own, but they are the highest non-platforms, and the fact that these have a 5″ heel with no platform to balance it out means they’re almost impossible to walk in: and I consider myself something of an expert in that particular field!

The problem is, though, that I love them. And having gone through a bit of a performance to buy them, there’s just no way I’m parting with them now, so I reserve them for those “car to bar” outings, where I know I’m not going to have do too much walking! One of those nights came along on Sunday, so the shoes got to be saved. They have, however, taught me an important lesson about five inch heels which don’t have platforms. The lesson is: DON’T.

black pencil skirt and high heel shoes



  • But… so pretty! I am slooowly managing to be more sensible and resist buying shoes i know i cant walk in! (most of the time…). Is your skirt a recent buy? I love it!

  • I so get what you’re saying about the shoes. I just had to return Shoedazzle Beatriz because I could barely manage in them but they were stunning. They did have a platform but they were impossible to walk in and with all my shoes I consider myself an expert too.

    On another note, you look absolutely gorgeous! Seriously. Usually, I’m all about the shoes but you look so beautiful. I hope you had an awesome night out.

  • I have a pair of Jimmy Choos like that. They are the most beautiful shoes and I love them to death, but a 5 inch heel and no platform means I can barely take 10 steps in them. I probably do not look as stylish as you when I am wearing them, though.

  • LOL I have a pair of black-sequined 5-inchers from Banana Republic. Sequins on shoes usually have a cheap effect, but the sequins on these are sewn just right. They just give a slight glint of shine instead of constant, cheapo sparklyness. Anyways, they are also platform free. I wear them alot, too. I run in them.

    And this is why I spend so much time in the massage chair and foot bath. My arches are also suffering from this, which makes my doc give me a ๐Ÿ™

    I wonder if I’m going to be one of those old ladies with gum-soled nurses shoes because of the torture I put my beautiful feet through today.

  • Ha ha, love that expression “car to bar”. Useful when anyone asks how on earth I can buy seemingly “unwalkable” shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • It is a shame they’re uncomfortable- but they look so fabulous I’m sure the pain is well worth it! You also look absolutely gorgeous, the outfit, the hair and smile go together so perfectly!

  • Well, they may be uncomfortable, and I totally understand what you mean… no platforms, then very difficult to balance, for sure… BUT you look absolutely amazing wearing them – not to mention the outfit! It’s so classy! You are always very elegant, and although not very good to walk, these shoes are just perfect with the whole outfit!

  • You look gorgeous Amber! So elegant and classy. Love the shoes too, pity that they’re so uncomfortable! Still you can always jsut admire them standing in yur closet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I feel the same way about my Betsey Johnson Itsy pumps. Those were on my list for months and months, I scoured the internet for a good deal before finally finding them for eighty dollars on a site that I found a promo code for free shipping.

    They hurt. They are probably my least comfortable shoes. This is for the same reason as yours: lack of platform. But they are so gorgeous and I went through such an ordeal to get them that like hell am I going to give up on them. So, I wear them in the same situations as you.

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