Shoe Save # 53/76: The Last Louboutins

yellow 50s skirt and Christian Louboutin shoes

WHAT: Christian Louboutin ‘Nooka’ slingabcks
WHEN: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
WITH: Skirt and body, both ASOS; bag, Gucci

For the super-observant amongst you, yes, my shoe total has gone down again: I was looking over my list of still-to-be-saved shoes yesterday, and realised I’d included a couple of pairs which had long since gone to the charity store, and forgot to include some others, so did I a quick re-count, and I think – I think – I’m currently at 76 pairs. That figure will probably change again before the end of the challenge, though, so I guess if I can finish with not too many more pairs than I ended my last challenge with, I’ll have done not too badly!

Anyway, on to the latest pair to be saved, which are my Christian Louboutin Nooka 100 slingbacks:

Black Christian Louboutin slingbacks

These are my last pair of Louboutins to make it through the challenge, and I thought the “ladylike” kind of feel of these made them the perfect match for this 50s style skirt, which was from ASOS earlier this year.

Black Christian Louboutin Nooka slingbacksThe shoes are posing here with a box of Jonathan Aston ‘Burlesque’ tights: these were sent to me by TightsPlease, who very kindly offered to let me choose some tights from their selection to try. Not being a fan of opaque tights, I opted for these nude fishnets: I almost always wear nude fishnets if I want the “bare legs” look without actually going out in bare legs… Unlike regular sheer tights, fishnets give the impression of texture rather than shine, and I think they’re a bit less dated looking than the nude hosiery Kate Middeleton is currently being credited with bringing back into fashion this year. I much prefer them to opaques, and while they’re not quite as warm, obviously, they’re actually warmer than you might think, so I have high hopes of being able to continue with them for a few weeks at least!

(The tights aren’t actually in the box in this photo because, well, they were on my legs at the time. And I did try to get a close-up of them on my legs, but sadly my photography skills weren’t up to capturing tights that are supposed to look “nude”. I think the fact that you can’t really tell I’m wearing them shows that they did exactly what I wanted them to, though!)

Mustard yellow 50s style skirt
This skirt is one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment. I bought it months ago, but have only just started wearing it, because although it’s supposed to be midi-length, it was a little too “midi” even for me, so I had to have it shortened first. (Thanks, mum!)

Christian Louboutin logo inside shoesRedhead sitting on step


  • Love everything about this outfit! The shoes are beautiful. And a new hairstyle! It looks great, but I can’t quite figure out how you did it, so I think we might need another tutorial šŸ™‚

    • Oh, thanks! The hair is just a very messy Gibson roll – there are lots of You Tube tutorials on how to do it, but basically I just rolled it around a hair rat and pinned it into place šŸ™‚ (I think there are other ways to do it, though – I tend to just mess around until it looks vaguely presentable!)

  • Hi Amber! I just used the link and went to Tightsplease. Thank you for sharing! I had not been to that site before, and I loved it, and now I have some new legwear on it’s way to me. šŸ™‚ Maybe now I will be inspired to save a few more pairs of shoes.

  • Very good! These shoes are fantastic and your style too – love the hair and the skirt!!! The first picture, with the skirt and the soles standing out is an artwork!

  • You know, one bonus of your new approach to photos (not too many headshots) is that we’re getting some really interesting, artistic images! I absolutely love those jumping shots, but that photo of you on the doorstep is just gorgeous. It is so incredibly serene and I love the colour balance.

    Oh and the shoes and skirt of course. But that’s a given when it comes to your wardrobe šŸ˜‰

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