New Shoes! Miss KG ‘Minnie 2’ red suede pumps with polka dot bow

red suede platform shoes with polka dot bow

Last week I mentioned that while I hadn’t been making much progress with saving shoes, I had been busy acquiring them, and as you can see, the latest addition to the Shoeper Shoe Shelves is the shoe I’ve been lusting after aaaalll year: Miss KG’s red suede ‘Minnie 2’ pumps!

Now, as some of you may remember, I had said I wouldn’t buy these until I reached 2,000 followers . I’m still some way short of that number, but I didn’t technically break my promise here, because last week I was contacted by the nice people at price comparison website, who asked if I’d like to review a pair of shoes from their site. Of course I said yes, and when I saw these, the decision was an easy one!

Red suede shoes with polka dot bowThese shoes came to me from Debenhams, where they were on sale for £55 (one of the great things about price comparison sites like Idealo, of course, is the ability to see at a glance which retailer is offering the best deal on your shoes: these were reduced at Debenhams, and at Kurt Geiger themselves, but were still full price at some other retailers), and they’re even nicer in real life than they are in the product shots.

Red high heeled shoesAs far as the sizing goes, I ordered my usual size, and while they’re very slightly smaller than the grey version, which I also have, I’d say they’re pretty true to size, and as they have a covered platform to offset the high heel, they seem relatively easy to walk in, although you can ask me about that again when I’ve had the chance to test them properly!

Miss KG logo inside shoe

Speaking of which, I can’t wait to wear these: I can see them quickly becoming one of my favourite pairs of shoes, so many thanks again to Idealo for giving me the opportunity to try them at last!

If you want to try a pair of these too, you can click here to compare prices at


  • Oh I am so jealous! These have been on the top of my wish list ever since I first saw them on this site. Lord knows I don’t need another pair of red heels, but these are just amazing. Unfortunately, getting a hold of a pair in the US has proven to be damn near impossible because even if/when a site ships to the US the shipping charge is so outlandish that I just can’t justify it because honestly, the shoes themselves are also a bit out of my price range.

    I have my eBay settings to alert me whenever KG shoes are listed but I have not yet been lucky enough to find these shoes.

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