Shoe Deja Vu: Charlotte Russe Vs Christian Louboutin Lady Clou Spike

Red spiked slingbacks by Charlotte Russe and Christian Louboutin

I’m sure no one actually needs me to tell them which shoe is the designer shoe and which is the copy here, but just in case, the Charlotte Russe shoes are on the left of the image, with Christian Louboutin’s Lady Clou Spike slingbacks on the right.

Once again, these aren’t an exact copy: the placement of the spikes is different, and the CR version looks… well, cheap… compared to the Louboutins, but the inspiration is unmistakable, no?

Even stranger is these Charlotte Russe peep toes:

Charlotte Russe red peep toeswhich are almost identical to this shoe from River Island:

Black shoes(Yes, I know they’re a different colour, but both CR and RI carry this style in a range of shades.)

This style has popped up from a few different designers now: does this mean River Island is starting to provide “inspiration” to other designers, too? Nothing would surprise me…


  • I apparently NEED to get to Charlotte Russe as of yesterday. I freaking LOVE those spiky ones, even more so than the Loubies. Please dear god let them still be there in my size. I won’t even b**** abt paying full price!

  • I liked the red ones better (I mean, the ones CR apparently copied from RI). I know they are almost the same, but red is my favorite color, so…

  • Those charlotte russe ones are almost identical to christian louboutin clou noeud?? they have a few less spikes and are red rather than cream or black but the design is almost identical. Total rip off.

  • I think this is a wise move for Charlotte Russe it is exactly what the target market is looking for designer style but knockoff price!!!!

    Nobody lie you would ALL buy a pair of Knockoff Louboutins!!!

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