Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 48: I Broke Summer

What: tan Barratts platforms
When: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
Where: Working and running errands
With: Topshop sweater, La Redoute chinos

Well, I guess I should have realised that all my talk yesterday about the lovely weather we’ve been having lately was the quickest way to jinx it! Yes, folks, it started raining not long after I hit “publish” on that post, and, other than a few brief windows of dryness, it’s been raining ever since. In other words: I broke summer. Whoops.

Gloomy weather calls for comfort clothes, and this outfit (or some variation of it) has been my go-to this summer, for those days when, well, I just really can’t be bothered thinking too hard. Good old chinos n’stripes: a summer classic!

These shoes were about £10 in the Barratts sale a couple of years ago. They looked more “nude” on the website, but I decided to keep them anyway, because, well, you know me and tan shoes. They’re starting to really pinch one of my toes, though, so this particular partnership may well be drawing to a close.

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  • Yeah, I’ve learned not to say the s*ow word or bring out my winter jackets and boots early because pretty much right after I do, it starts to fall. 😛

    • I remember this time last year, I brought all of my winter stuff down from the attic and put the summer stuff up there, and we instantly got over a week of glorious sunshine/heat. Maybe I should try that again this year 🙂

  • I’m seriously jealous because I tried on that Topshop top in a different colour – it looks great on you whereas it made me look like an escaped French sailor 😀

  • I have been complaining about the cold weather here for weeks and it hasn’t done a thing. But now I am remembering the weeks of 40C+ weather we had last summer and I am shutting up right now.

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