Shoe Deja Vu: Carvela ‘Glam’ Vs Chockers ‘Dorothy’

Carvela Glam Vs Chockers Dorothy

I’m sure you all remember Carvela’s ‘Glam’ platforms: not just because I showed you them just a few weeks ago, but because they’re definitely one of the more memorable of this year’s shoes, what with those sequinned uppers and shiny gold platforms!

if you do remember ‘Glam’, then I’m sure you’ll have instantly recognised the “inspiration” behind Chockers’ very similar ‘Dorothy’ platforms. These also have the sequins, the bow and the platform, but they come in a little cheaper at £35.

What do you think? Does the lower price make you more likely to try them? Does the copycat design bother you at all?


  • Not only very interesting shoes were produced (my word to… no go for me), but they were copied! Sales must be very positive, for this to happen!

  • I don’t like them… either version. As a consumer I’m happy to have cheaper version produced but if I were a shoe designer I’d be very unhappy.

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