Sheo Deja Vu: Penny Loves Kenny ‘Malha’ Vs Kurt Geiger ‘Ediva’

Penny Loves Kenny Malha t-bars

Recognise these? I did, because aside from the colour, they’re almost identical to the Kurt Geiger ‘Ediva’ pumps I bought last year. And actually, while I bought the black and white version of “Ediva”, there was also a version available which used a similar colourway to the Penny Love Kenny platforms shown above:

Kurt Geiger 'Ediva' in pink and goldOK, so the colours aren’t TOO similar now that I see them side-by-side. The shape, however, is all but identical, although the Penny Loves Kenny shoe is available in some other colours, too:

t bar platform shoesPretty similar despite the colour difference, huh?

(Click here for the Penny Loves Kenny Shoes: for the Kurt Geigers, I’m afraid you’ll have to take your chances with eBay, as they’re now out of stock!)



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