Shoe Deja Vu: Paris Hilton does Valentino’s red bow peep toe shoes

valentino-knockoffsRemember the red patent Valentino peep toes that were one of the very first shoes to be featured here at Shoeperwoman? I loved them, and it looks like Paris Hilton did too: the shoes on the right of the picture above are from her line, and although they’re d’orsay pumps rather than slingbacks, everything else is almost identical.

Now, I’m in two minds about this. On the one hand, these are a pretty blatant copy, and it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth to think of Paris (or rather, her designers) so shamelessly ripping off someone else’s design like this. On the other hand, and playing devil’s advocate here, they are beautiful shoes, at $93, they’re a whole lot cheaper than the designer version, and I don’t think Valentino can claim to have “invented” the concept of bow-fronted peep toe shoes. What do you think of knockoffs like this?

BUY: Paris Hilton ‘Senorita’ pumps, $93


  • i prefer the Hilton shoes! the color is more vibrant and they’re shinier. the bow is perkier, and i think the d’orsay pump works better with the design than a slingback does.

  • I think I speak for most self-respecting women when I say Paris Hilton can really do no right. Those shoes are cute, admittedly, but not enough to justify buying when they are a) knockoffs and b) associated with the woman who brought us this?

  • I have a natural aversion to Paris Hilton and anything she does, but these are kinda cute. I like the slingback version better though.

  • Same here – i’m a little surprised that she was actually able to come up with something this classy. *snort*

  • The shoes she copied are identical to Valentino’s open d’orsay, NOT the slingbacks you illustrate here. Valentino’s open toe d’orsays come in red patent leather also. You can view them on the Nordstrom website in the designer collections section.

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