Shoe Deja Vu: Kelsi Dagger ‘Gracie’ Vs Christian Louboutin ‘Daffodil’

High heeled platform shoes in red, nude and bronze

Anyone else seeing shades of Louboutin’s ‘Daffodil’ in Kelsi Dagger’s ‘Gracie’ pumps?

The front of the shoe is less exaggerated (and hence more wearable), and the slope of the foot less extreme, but if you’re looking for a toned-down alternative – in terms of style and price – these could be it.

Here are the Louboutins, for comparison:

Christian Louboutin blue sued 'Daffodil' platform pumps

(I wasn’t keen on these shoes when they were first released, but this photo makes me swoon…)

They’re pretty similar, although there’s no mistaking the Louboutin, is there?

As far as the Kelsi Dagger shoes go, I like all of the colours available, but would probably go for the bronze suede version if I was actually buying these, because they strike me as the most wearable. What about you?

These are £91.49: click here to buy them at Macy’s.


  • I have a pair, very similar, by Simply Vera Vera Wang, from Kohl’s in the US. At some point, I think a platform stiletto becomes a pretty generic shoe. Not that the Louboutin’s aren’t lovely. There’s nothing quite like that red red sole….

  • I prefer the generic version, because of the size of the heels. Of course the Louboutin’s are gorgeous, but the Gracies are a bit more… “down to earth”…

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