Shoe Deja Vu: Kurt Geiger’s ‘Dita’ Vs Dorothy Perkins’ peep toe sandals

OK, so “Deja vu” may be pushing it a little here: there are so many differences between these two shoes that I’m not even going to start listing them all. I’m sure anyone who remembers Kurt Geiger’s ‘Dita’ pumps as well as I do (I spent a fair bit of time drooling over them, so I SHOULD remember them well!) will have done a bit of a double-take at the sight of these Dorothy Perkins peep toes, though. The sentiment is the same, even although the execution isn’t.

The price isn’t the same, either. The Kurt Geiger shoes are currently down to £89 from £140, while the Dorothy Perkins versions are only £45.


  • I like the Dorothy Perkins version better. It’s more versatile colour-wise, and the way the black part is sewn to the white one looks more elegant.

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