Shoe Deja Vu: Dorothy Perkins’ version of Andrew Wang’s peep toe ankle boots

As much as I dislike peep-toe boots in general and these Alexander Wang ones in particular, I think this is a good example of how the high street SHOULD emulate designer styles. The Dorothy Perkins boots on the right of the image above have the same kind of look and feel to them, and they also share the zips, eyelets, fold-over cuff and slightly strange “double ankle” design of the Alexander Wang versions, however they’re not SO similar that they could be accused of being knockoffs. What you get, then, is a shoes which is “designer inspired” in the true sense of the phrase, and a chance to get the same kind of look for a fraction of the price – these are just £55 to the £620 you’d pay for the Alexander Wang.

It’s just a shame it’s not a style that I particularly want to “steal”…

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