Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 14: In like a lion, out like a whole pride of lions

over the knee boots

What: Priceless over-the-knee boots
When: Wednesday, March 31st 2010
Where: Running errands in the snow
With: wet-look leggings, American Apparel; black sweater dress, New Look children’s department; jacket, H&M; hat, River Island

Oh, March. I guess you didn’t get the “out like a lamb” memo, huh?

I’m not having the best of days. Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary (and thank goodness we didn’t get weather like this three years ago!), but we’re not doing anything to celebrate, which makes me sad. Add to that the fact that I’m not feeling great, and it’s snowed constantly since this time yesterday and I’m not a happy Shoeperwoman. First world problems! But on to the shoes…

I had thought I’d seen the last of these boots (and the coat, and the hat…) for this winter, but nope! They’re a couple of years old now, and I bought the cheapest pair I could find, because I wasn’t sure how much wear, if any, I’d get out of a pair of over-the-knee boots. As it turns out, the answer to that was “A LOT of wear”, and these quickly became one of my go-to winter boots. I wear them with absolutely everything, and although they’re actually still holding up pretty well considering, I think that when they finally do fall apart, I’ll probably invest in a leather pair next.

Of course, mock-suede boots are of no use at all in the snow, but luckily I was only going from door to car to store, so I decided to risk it in the interests of the Shoe Challenge. Please let these be the last boots of the winter, though, weather Gods? Pretty please?

The timer on my camera has also developed the talent of always catching Rubin with his tongue out. Today:

Or maybe it’s just that Rubin’s developed the talent of sticking his tounge out when the shutter closes? He did it last week on Dollface, too.


  • i’m sorry about the snow.
    your hair looks lovely though.
    : ) your hat is also great!
    happy third wedding anniversary! : D

  • A very beautiful outfit, very good choice! It’s unbelievable the amount of snow you still have there! And – oh no! – I’m going to the north of England (possibly Scotland too!) on Sunday! I second your words: oh please, no snow, no snow!
    And happy anniversary! Although you said you won’t do anything, just the fact of having an anniversary is nice… I’m sure you’ll feel good by the end of the day, with lovely words from your husband… I’m sending good vibes for you! (Maybe he gets something nice for you as a surprise? I hope so!)
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Winter suitcase vs. any other suitcase!!! =-.

    • I think you do! I’ve had so much wear out of them – I didn’t think I would, but they’re much more versatile than I thought they’d be when I bought them!

  • Only someone who lives in a snowy climate could wear heels like that in those conditions…
    Happy anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary! Isn’t the traditional 3rd Anniversary gift Leather? Or is that just in the US? Anyway, it sounds like a nice excuse for him to buy you a new pair of nice shoes for an anniversary gift. πŸ™‚

  • Ooh, Amber, Amber! Yet another post where you look like a model!! Seriously, if you ever get tired of blogging… and how DO you look so good in photos? I never manage it!

    • Oh, bless you for saying that! I actually rarely like photos of myself – I’m very talented at closing my eyes at the exact moment the shutter closes (I told this to our wedding photographer who totally didn’t believe me until the day of the wedding, and then was all, “Yup, you’re a blinker!”) so I always end up with loads of shots of me with my eyes closed, plus maybe one or two with them open, lol!

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