Ruby Shoesday & Shoe Challenge ’13: Unlucky



What: Red Style&Co. bow pumps
When: Tuesday, March 30th
Where: Nowhere in particular: it’s snowing!
With: Navy dress, Heartbreaker Fashion; blue belt, free with New Look shirt; brooch, no idea

It’s Ruby Shoesday, everyone! It’s also… WINTER! Yes, AGAIN. Remember that time I got to wear a trench-coat? That day was “Spring”. We skipped summer altogether, and now we’ve come right back round to winter: it actually started SNOWING just as I finished taking these photos, and I had to go and put on a pair of opaque tights. So much for transitional dressing! I’m now sitting here contemplating adding a cardi over the top, because the sleeves on this dress are too short for winter-in-spring weather. Gah.

Anyway, as fascinating as it is to talk about the weather, let’s get on to the important business of SHOES. I decided to use today’s Ruby Shoesday Challenge as an opportunity to “rescue” another pair of shoes in my own Shoe Challenge. I bought these shoes in Marshalls when I was in the in the States last year, and the name on the sole is “Style&Co”, if that means anything to anyone! Naturally I loved them because they combine FOUR of my favourite things in shoes: red uppers, bows, stripes AND polka dots (although, admittedly, no one can actually see the polka dots while I’m wearing them). Despite this, I hardly ever wear them, although I suspect the Ruby Tuesdays challenge is about to change that!

Remember, if you’re participating in Ruby Shoesdays, Caroline has set up a Flickr group which you can post your images to. And if you’re participating in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, you’ll find my shiny new Flickr group here, so feel free to join and post your Shoe Challenge shots!



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