Ways I’ve Worn… Ted Baker Keanah peep toes in coral and red

This year, I'm putting together a gallery of my shoe collection, complete with links to all of the different ways I've "saved" each pair in my shoe challenges. Here's the first post in a new series of "Ways I've Worn...", featuring Ted Baker's 'Keanah 2' pumps

Ted Baker Keanah shoes in coral satin

Ted Baker ‘Keanah’ in coral satin

(This year, I’m putting together a gallery of my shoe collection, complete with links to all of the different ways I’ve “saved” each pair in my shoe challenges. Here’s the first post in a new series of “Ways I’ve Worn…”)

These Ted Baker ‘Keanah’ pumps were my first ever pair of Ted Baker shoes, and they turned out to be the first of many! I now also own the ‘Keanah 2’ peep toes in silver glitter, plus a few pairs of the ‘Mayter’ pumps, which have a closed toe, but a similarly extravagant bow! I bought this pair back in 2011, and they’ve made it through two Shoe Challenges so far:

Ted Baker KEanah pumps and 50s style prom dress

Shoe Challenge 2011/12 | Ted Baker Keanah with River Island prom dress

As soon as I saw this 50s style prom dress in River Island, I knew it would be the perfect match for the shoes, as the embroidery around the hem picks up the coral colour of the satin uppers. I wore this outfit on holiday in Los Angeles that summer, and have repeated it a couple of times since then: I feel like the shoes and dress were more or less made for each other!

Ted Baker Keanah in coral with green Louche dress

Shoe Challenge 2012/13 | Ted Baker ‘Keanah’ with Louche ‘Leigh’ dress

I’ve never been one to shy away from the matchy-matchy look, and this was another colour match that was just too good for me to ignore. The coral spots and belt on this mint green Louche ‘Leigh’ dress were, once again, the perfect match for the colour of the shoes, and this is another outfit I’m sure I’ll be wearing again at some point, as both dress and shoes are particular favourites! (Er, the hairstyle is apparently a favourite, too: I didn’t intentionally go for exactly the same look here, but I was on holiday when both photos were taken, and it’s my favourite way to tame my unruly ‘holiday hair’!)

These shoes have yet to be saved in the current challenge: I’ve no doubt that I’ll manage to wear them before September, the only question is what I’ll wear them with. I’d LIKE to say this year I’ll choose something other than a full-skirted dress, but… I make no promises.

[P.S. As these shoes are from 2011 they’re now sold out. Ted Baker does still carry some very similar styles, however, so check out the official website to see what’s available!]

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  • Hi! I am looking for my wedding shoes, and i just fell in move with these coral Ted Baker!!! Wouldn’t you know where i could find a pair of those in size 6(uk)?! I live in France and my wedding is mid june. I would cherry you every day of my life if you could help me!:)

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