Katy Perry wears shoes two sizes too small

Katy PerryHands up if you’ve ever loved a pair of shoes so much you’ve been prepared to try and cram your feet into the last pair available…which just happen to be a size or two too small?I know I have,  and although I’ve tried everything to make those too-small shoes fit (newspaper, wearing them around the house with thick socks, buying a shoe stretcher…) in the end, the pain just isn’t worth it, so these days if the shoe doesn’t fit… well, I just don’t get to wear it.

Katy Perry, however, is made of sterner stuff than me. She loved the Jimmy Choo light-up heels I showed you a few weeks ago so much that she wore a pair that were two sizes too small. “These shoes are two sizes too small, but God, it’s worth it,” she told the New York Post. I hope she at least had a comfortable pair of flats in her handbag!


  • I didn’t really like the shoes when you had them posted on here, but then I saw her wearing them and they looked adorable. I don’t think killing my feet is really worth pretty shoes, but I am guilty of that crime 🙁
    .-= Ally C´s last blog ..Dress of the Day =-.

  • Haven’t done it, but only because I am a size 3, or sometimes 2 1/2. I do have the opposite problem, and sometimes I have difficulties resisting when I see particularly lovely shoes they only have in sizes 4 and up.

  • Nope, I won’t do it (any more). I bought a pair of shoes I loved that were one size too small, and I only ever wore them once because they practically crippled me. No more.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..Home sweet home =-.

    • I did the same thing. Gorgeous shoes, one size too small, wore once, complete waste of money. I could not wait to get them off!!!

  • I don’t think you would be able to get your feet into shoes that were two sizes too small, no matter how hard you tried. One size too small, maybe, but two sizes? I doubt it.

    I am a size 8 1/2, myself, and there is absolutely no way I could get my feet into a pair of shoes that were size 6 1/2 unless I cut holes in the back.

    • With pumps, I don’t think you could do it, but with strappy sandals, you probably squeeze into them, although obvioulsy it would’t be comfortable! Those Choos do actually have “holes” in the back!

    • Hey Alison,

      It is not that impossible if the shoe allows your heel to extend out back.

      For a US 8.5, you can easily wear a US 5. It is best done in a Chips slipper, a comfy slipper from Italy/Poland (Inblu Chips). Once you get used to wearing it that small, you’ll get used to the reduced weight and wearing your own size will feel cumbersome.

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