Shoe Deja Vu: Nine West ‘Itgirl’ Vs Casadei ‘Blade’

nine west itgirl pepe toes

Nine West Itgirl, £150

I have Shoeperwoman reader Elina to thank for spotting this case of Shoe Deja Vu. She sent me a link to Nine West’s ‘Itgirl’ peep toes, and while the front of the shoe doesn’t look all that remarkable, just take a look at that heel:

Nine West metal heel shoes

Nine West It Girl pumps

Remind you of anything? No?

How about this?

Casadei Blade pumps

The shoes above are, of course, Casadei’s ‘Blade’ pumps, and as you can see, the heel on the Nine West shoe is virtually identical: so much so, in fact, that I’m actually quite surprised Casadei haven’t made some kind of objection. I’m assuming the difference in the uppers is what’s allowed Nine West to get away with this, but Casadei make peep toe versions of the ‘Blade’ too, so who knows.

What do you think: does the fact that Nine West have copied just one element of the designer shoe make this acceptable, or does the fact that they’ve copied such a well-known design so exactly seem a little bit cheeky?

[Thanks to Elina for the report: well spotted!]


  • Wow, the heel is indeed identical. But I really like Nine West’s version! Of course they are both amazing, but the Nine West ones don’t look too painful to walk in, as opposed to the Casadei Blade pumps.

  • I’ve actually just bought the peep toe version of the Blades, and the only difference I can tell is that platform. I do think these are a bit too similar though… And they’re still quite expensive for a knock-off.

  • of course it’s a shameless copy but again this is very common nowadays and Casadei could sue but Nine West will probably have the same defence than every mass-market company in the same case (copy of designer) : people who usually buy Casadei won’t buy Nine West version even if it is cheaper and vice versa the Nine West consumer isn’t the same than Casadei’s.

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