Alexander McQueen sues Steve Madden

steve-madden-alexander-mcquRemember this case of shoe deja vu? Well, it seems it was a step too far for Alexander McQueen, whose lawyers confirmed this week that the designer is taking legal action against Steve Madden for copyright theft. They say the only difference between the shoes is that McQueen’s signature skull zipper is missing from the Madden shoe – and McQueen isn’t happy about it.

I’ve always wondered how it is that Steve Madden gets away with such blatant copies of other designer’s shoes – maybe this is one case where he WON’T get away with it…



    • Nowhere, now! I think the link on the original post is to the Steve Madden website, but they’ve been removed from there – I think he’s already withdrawn them from sale!
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  • Okay, I know Steve Madden is a blatant copycat and he should probably be in trouble, but still, I have a hard time working up sympathy for these greedy designers who charge these absolutely ridiculous prices for their products. I’m sick of seeing shoes for $1,200 and the like, it is just stupid. I mean come on, they’re SHOES! I love shoes, but these designer prices have just gotten way out of hand.

  • P.S. I should add that I don’t know the exact price of the McQueen shoes in this post and I’m not saying they, specifically, are $1,200. But I’m sure they are up there. And even if they happen to be the one pair of designer shoes that are relatively cheap, my point still stands.

  • sucks to be madden…i’m all for knockoffs you can save a grand or more on but methinks more details need tweeking than just a zipper style to avoid this kind of legal situation…madden should have closed the toe and/or altered the flap details a bit…”inspired by” is awesome…”exactly the same” is fraudulent and i can’t blame mcqueen for suing…even though i would have been one of the knock off purchasers as i’d rather have food and shelter than his sexy, amazing boots

  • In order to not breach the copy right act there must be at least eight points of difference between the items. I think it is ridiculous to use their prices as an excuse for plagarising something that a designer and his team has worked very very hard to create. There a lot of time and effort that goes into things that justify the price tag as well as the materials that were used. Steve madden has gone way to far for this to even be justifiable of course trends are going to trickle down from the runway into the chain stores but they are interpretted and tweaked these are waaaay to close to the originals ridiculous he deserves it

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