Red ‘Beatrice’ wedges with ankle strap from Missguided

By now I know I don’t need to explain my great love of red wedges – or not to my regular readers, anyway. (If you’re new here, just take a quick look through the archives – you’ll soon get the picture.)

If any of you are hoping to get on board with the Red Wedge Movement (which I just totally made up, but which really should exist), here’s another pair I managed to find for you. These are by Missguided, and manage to combine dressy elements such as the satin upper, with more casual ones like the woven wedge and wood-effect sole. The overall effect is very cute, and while these aren’t my favourites in the red wedge line, I’m sure they’d still see a fair bit of use.

These are £37.99: click here to buy them.


  • I liked them, the price is very good, but they are so so high! I was never afraid of very high platforms, but this time… I think without one of the “layers” they could be very wearable… well, they are, I guess, but I won’t buy them… beautiful, anyway!

  • I was just shopping on missguided and had these in my cart for a while. Eventually I traded them out for another pair of shoes that matched the dresses I was buying. It was a hard choice but I just bought some red shoes the day before… hmmm? But I do loves these though. I like the beige and black ones too!

  • I have never been a fan of wedges, red or otherwise, but I think you might have converted me, as I was shopping earlier this week and saw a pair of red wedges that I really liked!

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