Shoe Deja Vu: Jessica Simpson ‘Dany’ Vs ASOS Black ‘Bitten’

Remember Jessica Simpson’s ‘Dany’ platforms? I’m sure you do: there was a point last year when I started to feel like there was some kind of secret fashion blogger “uniform”, so often did I see these shoes upon the feet of my favourite bloggers.

Compare the ‘Dany’ platforms on the right of the photo, though, to the ASOS ‘Bitten’ pumps on the left. Spot the difference? Me neither. Or not much, anyway – the wooden heel and platform looks a slightly different colour on the ASOS version than on the Jessica Simpsons, and maybe the differences would be more apparent in real life, who knows?

Interestingly, the price of the ASOS shoes is actually higher than the Jessica Simpson ones, too. The ASOS shoes are £75, while the Jessica Simpson version was around £60 when they were released last year!


  • When I read now I also thought “the color of the heels”, nothing else… I liked better the Jessica Simpson ones, and then the price also helps!

  • I have also seen them everywhere last year! Same as Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas!! I don’t like them that much and I don’t see many differences except for the heel color, but I like Jessica Simpson’s best. What were they thinking, pricing the look-alike shoe higher than the real deal?

  • when I saw these on asos I was so excited until I realized they were more than the jessica simpson and the jeffrey campbell pairs. A shoe club called has them for 39.95 but they sold out quickly. so i’ll be missing out on these. But I’m sure if I want these since everyone does have them… If the opportunity arises maybe.. but I’m not going out my way for them.

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