Edith & Ella teal suede knee high boots

teal suede boots

Edith & Ella knee high boots, £181

I got so excited when the tops of these boots appeared on my screen. The colour enough would’ve been enough to stop me in my tracks (I mean, isn’t that just the most glorious shade of teal?), but these also have a really nice, streamlined shape, and while it’s always hard to tell from a photo, the leg opening looks reasonably narrow too, which will be good news for those of you who struggle with the “Wellington boot ” effect when it comes to knee boots.

Colour and shape are both perfect, then, but I kind of wish they’d just stopped there and resisted adding the little ankle chain detail. As much as I’m a fan of embellishments on shoes, you see, I’m less keen on them on boots, and tend to feel that the simpler the shape, the better. The beautiful, bright suede is more than enough to make these boots stand out on its own, and I’d personally like them better if the ankle strap was removable (I don’t think it is). Still, I like the colour and shape enough that I might just be able to overlook it in this case: what about you?

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  • I adore the color but I agree with you that it would better without the “bling” of the ankle chain. Let us know if you spot anymore teal or green boots. I’m definitely in the market.

  • Lovely ! as for me i have the other problem, most boots are too tight. Anyone has advice to find good looking boots for the non-skinny legs ???

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