Head Over Heels Abbie H Patent Bow Detail Court Shoes

Head Over Heels Abbie H

These shoes have an “unreal” kind of quality to them, as if they’re shoes belonging to a doll, or a cartoon character perhaps. I think it’s all because of the bow: the super-shiny patent finish, and the rigid look of it, kind of takes these from “boring classic” all the way to Toytown, doesn’t it?

I suspect this is what may turn some of you against these little courts, but I actually quite like them. The John Lewis website describes them as “playful”, and I think that sums it up for me: they have a slightly whimsical feel, which isn’t something you often get from a shoe with such a “sensible” looking heel, so I give them a pass for that reason alone.

(I can sense some of you cringing at my description of the heel as “sensible”, because it’s not really. As always, however, I’m speaking comparatively: compare it to the Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes I featured last week, for instance, and it starts to look downright matronly…

Head Over Heels Abbie H, £49: Click here to buy them.


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