Casadei white platform bow pumps

Casadei white platform bow pumps

Casadei white platform bow pumps, £604

I would find these shoes almost impossible to wear. The combination of the bright white upper and supersized platform would make my feet look (and feel) about five times their actual size, and as if they belonged on a cartoon character, which I only am in my logo, not in real life. Well, not all of the time, anyway.

(I would also find them impossible to keep clean, but that’s a whole other story…)

Despite that fact, though, I’m also finding it almost impossible to look away from. That bow is just so pretty, and they’re just beautiful to look at, if not to wear. I think these probably fall into that unfortunate category of “Shoe that look good off, not on“, but of course, that could just be me: and I’m pretty sure it’s a problem I could find a way to solve, given the opportunity…

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