12 Holiday Sweaters from the High Street

collection of holiday sweaters available for Christmas 2014

The jury may be out on whether it’s possible to find stylish holiday sweaters, but one thing there’s absolutely no doubt about is that it IS possible to find PLENTY of holiday sweaters, in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Since writing my last post on this subject, I seem to have been spotting holiday sweaters everywhere I go. I’m not sure if there’s been a sudden influx of them to my favourite high street stores, or if I’ve simply started to be more aware of them, but whatever the reason, my shoeper shopping trips these days are peppered with penguins, robins, snowflakes, and other, suitably “festive” adornments. Most of today’s offerings are a far cry from the holiday sweaters many of us remember from childhood, which were often ugly, scratchy, and not exactly the kind of thing you’d consider as part of a stylish ensemble.

By contrast, the holiday sweaters on this page are actually pretty cute, and while they’ll never be “elegant”, exactly, the fluffy knits are just the thing to snuggle up in on a winter’s day – or to wear to a holiday party with a more casual dress code.

In this post, I’ve rounded up just a small selection of some of the Christmas and winter-themed knits I’ve spotted recently. I definitely wouldn’t wear all of these (the one with the flashing LED light would be just a BIT much for my taste!), but I’d definitely consider some of the more subtle ones, for a casual, festive look on a cold day. My personal favourite is the baby-blue ‘present’ sweater from Dorothy Perkins, but the same brand’s snowflake jumper is also rather nice, with both of these options managing to be Christmasy, without being gaudy.

Which is your favourite of these?

12 Holiday Sweaters:

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