Shoe of the Day |River Island gold embellished barely-there sandals

gold barely-there sandals

River Island gold embellished barely-there sandals, £60

When you read the words “gold, barely-there sandals” in the headline of this post, I bet you weren’t expecting them to be quite as nice as these ones, were you? Barely-there sandals are, after all, as common as tinsel and glitter at this time of year, and although they’re a really useful style to own, and can be beautiful in their own right, there’s really not a huge amount a designer can do to make one pair of gold strappy sandals look THAT much different from another pair… is there?

Well, I reckon River Island would beg to differ. These gold embellished sandals aren’t a huge departure from the usual run of dress sandals, it’s true  – they haven’t exactly re-invented the heel with them, to use one of my favourite puns. They have, however, managed to create the kind of shoe that’s more likely to generate an “I MUST HAVE THEM!” response, as opposed to a “Those will go with that dress I just bought,” one, and that’s quite an achievement for a style of shoe that often tends to be over-shadowed by the outfit that accompanies it.

I don’t think these shoes would have that problem. A slim t-strap snakes its way up the foot, covered in a generous layer of rhinestones, which also cover the toe strap. The rest of the shoe is kept totally simple – or as simple as a shiny gold upper can be, anyway!

party outfit featuring gild strappy sandals and green sequin pencil skirt -

skirt /  top / nail polish 

I’ve chosen to style these with a pale green sequin pencil skirt (also from River Island) and a gold shimmer t-shirt. When you’re wearing sequins, or other shiny fabrics, I don’t think you really need much else to complete your look, so I’ve skipped the accessories, with just a gold glitter topcoat for an added bit of sparkle!

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