‘Sunflower’ peeptoe platform shoes from Topshop

It’s been a while since a pair of Topshop shoes have tempted me (lots of menswear-influenced styles over there right now, which do absolutely nothing for me), so I was pleased to see these ‘Sunflower’ peep toes pop up in the “New In” section last week.

I know these will be much too chunky for many people, but the bright colours (especially the yellow) have won me over, and I think they’d be a great way to offset the flimsiness of a sundress or light summer skirt.

If you think so too, they’re £70 from Topshop.com.


  • Not sure. The colours are great, but I don’t like the way the ‘wood’ platform/ heel seems to creep up over the sides. They’d look heinous from below I suspect. (OK, I realise that makes me sound like a spend my life flat on the ground looking up at peoples soles. I don’t. Just to clarify.)

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