Kurt Geiger ‘Gen’ large flower sandals

I think these shoes would definitely win the Biggest Footwear Flower of the Year Award for 2010 – if, of course, such an award existed. (And let’s face it, it totally should.)

These shoes are strictly for those of you who take a “the bigger, the better” approach to embellishments on shoes. Well, when the embellishment’s so big it completely obscures the vamp of the shoe, you know you have a big ‘un on your hands – or on your feet, in this case.

What does everyone think of these? I don’t think they’d be the easiest shoes to pull off, because as well as making your feet look huge, they’re also so flamboyant you’d have to be careful what you paired them with, and allow the shoes to be the focal point of the outfit. What would you wear them with? If you’re just brimming with ideas in answer to that question, first of all, please share them with the rest of us, and secondly, head over to Kurt Geiger, where you can buy the shoes for £260.


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