Red Valentino navy and pink polka dot pumps

Red Valentino navy polka dot pumps

I should probably start off this post by letting you know that I’m in a “polka dot” kind of mood today. (“So, what else is news, Shoeperwoman?” I hear you cry…) These Red Valentino pumps are one of many pairs of similar shoes that have been on my radar lately, and they combine two of my favourite things: toecaps and dots. Those things are good enough apart, but even better together, because while toecaps can create a very classic, even conservative look, the pink polka dots really help to soften up the look, and make it a little more fun.

These shoes are also available in a slightly more serious black and tan version, but the navy and pink combination is the one that speaks to me the loudest, and my only quibble is with the canvas upper: it’s not that I don’t like it, you understand, just that for $450 I’d prefer a more durable, hard-wearing upper. (Interestingly, the black version is leather, but is cheaper, at $395.)

Like them? These are available at Shopbop: click here to buy them.



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