Cleo B neutral suede ankle boots

beige ankle boots

Cleo B suede ankle boots

THE SHOES: Cleo B suede ankle boots, £216

When you run a fashion blog for a living, people tend to expect you to be dressed-up all the time, but the truth is that while I DO love to dress-up, once the colder weather sets in, I’m much more likely to reach for something casual. I’m not sure if it’s simply that cold, dark days make me instinctively long for something comfortable (and comforting) to wear, of whether the lower energy that results from shortened daylight hours makes me want to keep things as easy as possible, but at around about this time every year I tend to find myself in trousers/jeans and boots more often than in skirts and heels.

These Cleo B ankle boots look like they’d fit that comfortable/casual criteria, but with a little more style than you normally find with this kind of boot. There’s the high heel, for starters. It’s chunky and comfortable looking, but still pretty high, at just under 4″, which makes it much more “me”. The gold insert on the ankle itself, meanwhile, is also a nice little touch: it’s not exactly “dressy”, but it adds a certain something to the look, which is very welcome.

casual autumn outfit in green and tan

The Style: sweater // trousers // bag // jacket 

This look started with the sweater and bag, both of which I found at New Look, and which I couldn’t resits pairing up, given that they’re the same colour. The bag is a little dressier than the rest of this outfit, but I love it (and would never have believed it came from New Look if I hadn’t seen it there myself!), so I’ll live with it. This is one of those comfortable, causal autumn outfits I was talking about above – just the thing for a walk on a crisp day!

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