Tan knee high boots from New Look

Tan knee high boots

Tan knee high boots from New Look, £34

I seem to spend a large part of my shopping life on a perennial search for tan knee high boots. Why are such basic items of footwear (and for me at least, tan knee high boots are one of those shoe closet staples that I consider to be essential to life. And yes, I do have a pair right now but they’re not quite perfect, so the search continues…) so difficult to find, I wonder? I have no idea, but I could say the same for similarly basic items as blue jeans and white cropped cardigans, so I guess they’re not “basic” for everyone, or they’d be far more readily available.

As it happens, though, I DID manage to find the perfect cropped white cardigan at New Look a few weeks ago, so it makes sense that that’s where I’d find a pair if tan knee high boots, too. I’m not going to call these the perfect tan knee high boots, mind you – the leg looks a little bit too wide for that (Like most women, I can never seem to find the perfect fit in the calves), but they’re definitely close to perfect, and that’ll have to do for now,

I love the block heel on these and the rounded toe, which gives them a nice, casual look, which will be perfect over jeans. The colour IS pretty perfect, too – I love tan footwear at any time of year, but tan boots are an autumn essential, and work so well with all of those fall colours, like dark green and burnt yellow. These would also look nice with one of the many A-line skirts which are around at the moment, courtesy of the 70s trend: think Ali McGraw in LoveStory, and you won’t be too far off the mark!

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