More hearts on shoes from Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

Melissa Ultragirl heels with heart embellishment

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Ultragirl heels, £160

Uh-oh. Just when I thought it was safe to go back onto the Melissa website, they go and do THIS to me.

“This” is the latest version of the brand’s popular ‘Ultragirl’ heel. Made from the now-familiar ‘jelly’ plastic, and with an adjustable slingback and small heel, these also have a tiny peep toe, and come in a variety of different colours.

So far, so familiar. What’s different about this iteration of Ultragirl, however, is that, having been designed by Vivienne Westwood, as part of her ongoing collaboration with Melissa, these have been finished off with that fabulous, over-sized heart, which I know many of you will recognise from the brand’s ‘Lady Dragon‘ line.

As I said, just when I thought it was safe to go back onto the website…

I have numerous pairs of the Lady Dragons now, plus some Ultragirl flats, and a couple of pairs of the ‘Raspberry’ heels (which also have a heart on the toe) from the Mel line. That’s really more than enough pairs of jelly/heart-fronted shoes for anyone (Yes, even a ShoeperWoman), but when the brand keeps on coming up with new ways to re-invent the heel (boom boom), it can be hard to resit the latest version of the shoes you love.

Resist I will, however: as much as I like these to look at, the chunkier shape of the Ultragirls makes them less attractive to me than the more delicate ‘Lady Dragon’, which I think will always be my favourite style from Melissa. I do love the colours and the hearts, however (all but the white/red version have a heart stamped with the Vivienne Westwood ‘orb’ logo), so if you’re looking to add to your Melissa collection (or start one, even), you could find yourself tempted.

These come in black and white, in addition to the colours shown here, and they’re £160. Buy yours here.

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