Matalan spike studded platform court shoes

studded mint shoes black spike court shoes nude platforms with sikes

Matalan spike studded platform court shoes, £20

If you’re a fellow fan of spiky or studded shoes, but you’re a little bit wary of spending a lot of money on a pair (How often will you wear shoes covered in spikes, after all? If you’re me, the answer to that would be “A lot more than you might think,” but that’s just me…), here’s good ol’ Matalan with an affordable solution.

They’re spike studded platforms come in three colours, and are just £20 per pair. They’re obviously not leather, and I think some of the shades look better than the others (Unusually for me, the green version is my least favourite of these three, and I think the black shoes look most expensive), but they could be an easy way to try out this look without committing yourself to spending a lot of money on it. It’s at times like these that I think the cheaper brands, like Matalan and Primark, really come into their own: they tend to stock quite a few very “trendy” shoes, which are the kind of things you might not expect to still be wearing a few years from now. These probably fall into that category for most of us, so take a look here if you fancy trying them out.

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  • I knew I’d be seeing these here soon enough! I have to say, I was a teeny bit disappointed with the shape – they use them on the banner for the shoe section on the website and at first glance they looked to me like they had a pointier toe and slightly curvier shape, but I think it was just a good photographic angle!! I still like them though, and who can complain for £18?! Matalan have done pretty well on the shoe front for me lately!

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