Shoe Deja Vu: Charlotte Russe Vs Alexander McQueen heel-less pumps

Charlotte Russe Vs Alexander McQueen

I’ve written before about Charlotte Russe’s tendency to take “inspiration” from big name shoe designers, but I was still a little surprised to see how closely they’ve imitated Alexander McQueen’s red heel-less pumps from last year. The two shoes shown above are more or less identical, and while I assume the difference in quality will be obvious in real life, all I see from the photos is a slight different in colour, a very slightly thicker strap on the CR shoe, and perhaps a bit more of a curve on the McQueen heel.

Nonetheless, the influence is very obvious, and it’s such an iconic shoe to copy that I’m kind of surprised they’ve gotten away with it: perhaps this kind of shape is no longer considered as unique as it once was?


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