Carmen Steffens ankle-strap bow sandals

black peep toe sandals with gold bow detail

Carmen Steffens sandals, £198.99

Two-part sandals aren’t a type of shoe I wear very often. Oh, I DO own some. Of course I do. But as much as I love the ones I own, I have a tendency to keep pushing them to the back of the pile every morning in favour of some other style which will feel a little more secure on the foot: I’ve always found a classic pump or peep toe, say, a little more comfortable than a two-part shoe (and ankle-straps are often problematic, for various reasons), and while the difference isn’t a huge one, it’s often enough to make me overlook those ankle-strap sandals lurking on the shelf. I feel sorry for them now. I must rectify this situation. Back to the matter in hand, though…

Because of all of this, these Carmen Steffens sandals have been on my Shoeper Shoe List for a long time now, and today I thought it was high time they actually made it onto the site. Although these have a two-part shape AND an ankle strap, they have one little detail which more than makes up for it as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure I don’t need to point out what that detail is, exactly, but just in case you’re new to this site, I will: it’s the bow. Or BOTH of the bows, rather – there’s one hiding up at the ankle, in addition to the one on the platform.

It would take a stronger woman than me to resist such cuteness, but even if you’re not the type who usually goes for bows on shoes, I think these could be subtle enough to persuade you. They provide a little bit of contrast to the black vamp, and while they’re definitely the stand-out detail of the shoe, they don’t overwhelm the design, or knock you over the head with their unashamed girlishness, like some bows I know.

At £198, these won’t be the cheapest sandals you’ll ever find, but they could well be one of the cutest: up to you to decide!

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