Shoe Review: Best Mountain ‘Mavin’ stripe canvas flats

blue and white stripe flats

nautical flats

stripe canvas flats

Best Mountain Mavin flats, £19.90

 I’m a little bit late with May’s Sarenza Brand Ambassador pick (as you can probably tell by the fact that I’m writing this in June…): I actually spent most of the month trying to talk myself out of using my voucher to buy a completely different pair of shoes, and whether I was successful in  that attempt or not is another story for another day. In the meantime, here’s one of two pair of shoes I ordered this month: these cute little blue and white stripe flats by Best Mountain.

These maybe aren’t quite as interesting as some of the other pairs of shoes I feature here, but they’re the kind of thing I wear constantly in the summer, and especially at vacation time: in fact, I’d describe canvas flats as a suitcase staple, if that didn’t sound quite so lame. I love them because they’re so easy to throw on with a pair of shorts, say, and perfect for a day at the beach/pool, or wandering around sightseeing: and because the uppers are canvas, they let your feet breathe, too!

These shoes come in both blue and pink. I went for the blue option, as you can see, purely because they’ll work better with the rest of my wardrobe. In terms of sizing, I’ve mentioned although I can be fairly sure what size I’ll be in heels, with flats I have a much harder time knowing which size to go for, and they frequently seem to be either too big or too small or me. In this case, I went with my usual size, and found them just a little bit more snug than I’d ideally like. I find that canvas shoes almost always stretch a little once they’ve been worn, though, so I’m pretty sure these will work out fine: I might just need to wear them around the house a couple of times before putting them in that suitcase!

These are £19.90 at Sarenza, and you can buy them here.

[Disclosure: these shoes were purchased using a gift code supplied by Sarenza.]


  • The thing that always turned me off from canvas/fabric shoes of any kind is the upkeep. One there’s a smudge of dirt (and in Moscow that’s about 10 seconds after leaving the house on a dry day), you have to wash the whole shoe to get it out – and you’re lucky if it dries without getting deformed or coarse. How do you manage?

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