Shoe Deja Vu: Carvela does Manolo – Carrie’s Wedding Shoes on a Budget

Carrie's wedding shoes on a budget

Carvela Kurt Geiger ‘Lotty’ blue high heels, £125

Hey, look everyone: it’s Carrie’s wedding shoes! You know, the ones Mr Big used to propose in the Sex and the City movie? (Side note: if ShoeperMan had presented me with a pair of Louboutins instead of a ring, I’d totally have said “yes”. I mean, I said “yes” anyway, obviously – I’m just saying, I wouldn’t have been disappointed…)

Actually, though, these aren’t Carrie’s wedding shoes. Carrie’s wedding shoes – as every self-respecting Sex and the City fan knows – were Manolo Blahnik’s ‘Something Blue’ pumps, and they’re still available to buy: and not just in blue, either. These are by Carvela, and if you were to see them sitting next to the Manolos, I’m sure you’d instantly be able to spot the difference. On their own, though, they’re so similar to the ‘Something Blue’ design that I’m honestly surprised Manolo Blahnik hasn’t complained already. I mean, sure, the design has probably been copied a hundred times over by now, but it’s a little strange to see a brand like Carvela produce something that’s so reminiscent of such a famous design.

With all of that said, these are presumably different enough for Blahnik to be OK with it, and there’s no denying that they’re a whole lot more affordable than their designer cousins, too. I actually didn’t LOVE the original (or not in blue, anyway – I DID really like the yellow version that was released a couple of years ago), and I probably wouldn’t run out and buy these either (I actually don’t really know WHY, now I come to think about it: I DO like them, there’s just something holding me back from loving them, if that makes sense?), but then again, seeing them here has just reminded me that I have a Halloween party coming up later this year: Carrie Bradshaw costume, anyone?

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