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Brace yourselves, folks: what I’m about to say might be a little shocking to those of you who know me well, but…

Adidas 'Gazelle' in pink vapour

Adidas ‘Gazelle’ in pink vapour

… for the first time in my life, I’m actually contemplating buying a pair of sneakers … for NON athletic reasons. I know! Who even AM I?

I blame Pinterest for this. I always seem to be coming across photos there of long-legged beauties looking effortlessly stylish in their sneakers, and although I’m not even close to being “long-legged”, and every time I’ve tried to build an outfit around sneakers, I’ve looked – and felt – like a little kid in them, I STILL keep wanting to give it another go. These Adidas sneakers are a classic style, and I think the pale pink would be easy enough to style, so I’ll keep you posted on whether or not I decide to go for it!

Just to reassure myself that I haven’t TOTALLY lost my mind, however:

Navy 'Eloise' Tassel Court Shoes
Dorothy Perkins Navy ‘Eloise’ Tassel Court Shoes

I seem to be constantly telling myself I need a pair of navy heels, and then constantly NOT buying the ones I find. Well, they’re not the most interesting shoes in the world, it’s true, but I’ve found that to be the case with most of the shoes which end up going into constant rotation in my closet. It’s always the ones that sound pretty dull on paper – and even LOOK pretty dull on paper, let’s be honest – which end up being the shoes I reach for every morning, and I think it’s time I just accepted that, rather than buying the pairs that look super-fun, but which end up rarely being worn.

In their defence, these tassel courts have a gorgeous shape, and the cut-out detail on the heel, as well as the tassel itself, helps to make them interesting as well as practical: a win-win!


  • Ha! I understand you completely on the sneakers (can’t believe I was contemplating them) AND I just bought a pair of Adidas ‘Gazelle’ in navy (from ASOS on sale) & a pair of Chuck Taylor ‘All Stars’ in white (from Nordstrom Rack)… I too blame Pinterest.

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